Spring Balance Lift Mechanism - Adjustable


SBLM-A™ has a patented technical engineering advantage over any other Wallbed mechanism now in use. The power of the SBLM-A mechanism is held in reserve until the Panel Bed Face is in position - then the SBLM-A Power Pack is adjusted to bring the bed into perfect balance.

This new lift mechanism is not intended to reduce the number of springs or the amount of power required to lift and balance the panel bed. Its unique design and ease of adjustment make the installation safer and simpler.

SBLM-A™ has several positive features that create it’s value as a technical advanced mechanism:

  1. Better balance can be achieved by adjustment.
  2. Easier to add or reduce the number of springs.
  3. The user / installer is NOT required to manually arm the mechanism - it is all done by screw adjustment.
  4. Safer.

SBLM-A™ Power Pack is adaptable to fit the Alpha Bed™ steel bed frame (SBF) or D.I.Y.